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TVS Series

TVS Series


一、Core Advantage

       Advanced Photo Glass technics,high reliability;

       Glass、Sipos、LTO three protection level,increasing the ability inVC& assembling process;

       Advanced TVS diffusion technics, the IR could be controlled below 50UA for the wafer with 10v & 600w.

二、Chip Dimensions


       Front View1:             Front View2: 220mil       Sectional View(uni-directional)       Sectional View(bi-directional)      


1. S58B(400W)  Series 2. S70B / S80B(600W) Series 
3. S114B(1500W)  Series
4. S45R(400W) Series     
5. S58R(400W) Series 
6. S70R /S80R(600W) Series 
7. S114R(1500W)  Series
8. 160MS(3000W) Series
9. H220R(5000W) Series
10. S58B(400W)  Series 
11. S70B/S80B(600W)  Series
12. S114B(1500W)  Series 
13. S45R(200W) Series 
14. 58MS(400W) Series
15. S70R/S80R(600W) Series 
16. S114R(1500W) Series
17. S160R(3000W) Series
18. H220R(5000W) Series